Help Refugees

Help refugees by

  • Caregiving
  • Becoming a board member
  • Donating to NEST


By volunteering as a caregiver, you’ll help refugees adjust to life in Canada through activities such as

  • daily necessities (grocery shopping, riding the bus)
  • signing them up for essential services (finding a family doctor, enrolling kids in school)
  • teaching them street smarts (avoiding telemarketers, scams)

To care-give effectively, you’ll need to be available during part of a working-day. Time spent per week depends on a range of factors, such as language barriers and the type of family.

Since NEST is responsible for refugees’ first year in Canada, we ask that you try care-giving for a year.

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Becoming a board member

Board members maintain NEST as an organization and community by, for example,

  • attending monthly meetings
  • coordinating fundraising and social events
  • performing specific duties, such being Treasurer

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You can donate to NEST by

  • sending money securely through Canada Helps
  • Donate Now Through!

  • dropping off donations-in-kind, such as furniture (contact us)
  • buying gas at the Red River Co-op and quoting “113110” as the member #